Quality Packaging Services (QPS)

Quality Packaging Services (QPS) handle a diverse range of products for a discerning customer base, serving the Australian and overseas market.

QPS has many years of experience in this arena, is ISO 9001 accredited, with many customer awards, and is well positioned to assist you in all aspects of Contract Packaging.


Services we provide:

  • Contract or Toll Manufacturing to customer requirements
  • Contract or Toll Blending of raw materials  to specific formulas
  • Toll or Contract Filling of containers with blended or supplied products
  • Packing / Packaging of products into bins, cartons, pallets, shipping containers as needed
  • standard or customised Labelling of products and containers
  • Storage and transportation
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As a contract packer, we blend our professional and technical expertise with sound business innovation to produce products and services of consistently high quality, which has allowed us to build strong and long-term relationships with Australia's  leading manufacturers, serving areas of industry such as those shown below:


Servicing Industries such as



QPS basically "cut their teeth" within this industry and has had many, many years packing products such as 
  • oils
  • brake fluids
  • degreasers


Blending popular products in areas such as 
  • paints
  • wood cleaners
  • wood stains

Home and garden

House hold products used by mum and dad and traditional handyman types
  • 2 Stroke oils



Some industries rely heavily on our timely delivery of products to their site
  • Industrial Greases


Used within the agriculture sector as well as ordinary households
  • fertilizers


To discuss your contract packaging or other needs further, please feel free to contact us.


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535 Somerville Road.
Sunshine, Vic. 3020



+613 9310 1699


+613 9310 1626


The manufacturing arm of our customers

QPS has plants in both Melbourne and Sydney, servicing customer throughout Australia and New Zealand.

ISO 9001


Since 1997

Quality Packaging Services is ISO9001 Accredited through Lloyds (LRQA)

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